It’s simple… we bring great tasting, healthy food to your door.

As classically trained chefs and personal trainers, we combined our 2 passions – food & fitness – to create FitChef, a healthy meal prep & delivery service.

Frustrated with ‘quick fixes’, and misinformation surrounding food and nutrition, we set out to provide a convenient way for people to make lasting change to their diet; and to help them work towards their lifestyle goals.

We help you do 3 things…

Save time – We offer delivery once or twice per week, on a Tuesday and/or Friday so you can have fresh Fit Chef meals for the full week. Each meal has a use by date stamped on it as some stay fresh longer than others.

Eat good food – Our ready meals are delicious, clean and made with the highest quality ingredients and from British sources, where we can. We are all about eating great tasting food and being more active, life is too short to be eating plain, tasteless food.

Live a healthy lifestyle – Our recipes are based on eight years’ experience of food & fitness; and promote long term health and wellness (we don’t do fad diets).