A Little about Jonny and Next Step Nutrition.

I formed Next Step Nutrition back in September 2016 to pursue my passion of improving people’s health and fitness.

My own journey with fitness began back in 2009 when I started going to the gym to fill the gap from playing rugby.

I then found CrossFit in 2010 and became a CF-L1 instructor in 2012. This led me down the path of learning more and getting more coaching experience, before becoming a full-time trainer at Reebok CrossFit Thames in London in 2014. I coached at Reebok CrossFit Thames full time up until September 2016 and it was during 2015/2016 that Next Step Nutrition was born.

I had always struggled with nutritional knowledge. I wasn’t sure what to eat, when, and got confused by the sheer amount of information out there.

Through my time I have tried numerous dietary approaches all to end up at more or less the same point. This was when I decided to hire a coach myself. Through the work with this nutrition coach, and my own research, I was able to learn about nutritional science, and what actually matters when trying to make a change.

This inspired me to complete the Precision Nutrition Level One certification and to start helping my own clients with their lifestyle and nutrition habits.

I am currently partaking in the OPEX CCP coaching certification. This is a 5 module course that includes Nutrition and Lifestyle modules, which is perfect for application with my Next Step Nutrition clients.

On top of this, I am near completion of the Mac-Nutrition University Certification, finishing in September 2018. This is the world’s only evidence-based nutrition course and will build upon the knowledge I have gained through the Precision Nutrition course and my current client work.

You are an individual, your nutritional plan and approach should take this into account, that’s where I come in.

Are you ready to take the Next Step with your nutrition?