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Top Tips for Staying Healthy During Lockdown

So Lockdown sucks!!! I think we can all agree on that.

Lockdown is tough, both mentally and physically, but there are things we can do to improve our lifestyle and make things more enjoyable to get us through this challenging period. We may even be able to come out the other side a little bit healthier, leaner and with a new perspective.

Here are Matt’s top tips to help you stay healthy and happy throughout lockdown.


Having a daily routine will be hugely beneficial. Set out time for when you are going to work, take breaks and exercise. Finding a routine that works for you will boost your motivation and overall productivity through lockdown. If you find you have more time on your hands than usual, make sure to devise a plan for how you can fill this space with something new. We often use lack of time as an excuse for not getting things done, so Lockdown 2.0 is the time to take advantage!

Stay in touch with friends and family:

We’re social creatures and we need to be in contact with our loved ones for our mental wellbeing and happiness. Don’t let lockdown put a stop to that! Whilst you can’t head out to your favourite local on a Friday night, there’s nothing stopping you picking up the phone or heading for a socially distanced walk with someone. Keep your inner circle of friends just as close as ever (metaphorically of course) and find new ways of connecting – like FaceTime and text.

Perhaps you know someone who lives alone? Keep in touch and check in on them as best you can. Just dropping them a friendly message could be the smile they need for the day.


We all know the benefits of exercising regularly for our physical and mental wellbeing. We have so many options online now too so there is no excuse not to increase our activity during Lockdown.

Simply getting outdoors more for a walk has many health benefits. Personally, I find it really relaxing taking my dog for a walk.

With exercise, it is important that you enjoy it so that it becomes something you do, without having to force yourself.

Matt walk his dogs outside during lockdown

Stay Hydrated:

Sounds simple enough. Stay away from drinking too much alcohol, as it will prevent you from doing all of the above.

Eat Well:

Arguably the most important point here… but obviously I would say that…

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy diet during lockdown, my advice is to make a schedule of what, and when, you are going to eat each day. Just as you would your work meeting calendar, put together a plan which notes what you are intending on eating for each meal and ensure you’ve got the right ingredients in the house so you don’t deviate from it. This will help you to feel in control of your diet, knowing you’re filling your body with sufficient calories and nutrients to feel energised and productive.

I have to say that the most important element to consider when writing this plan is what your snacks are going to consist of, as this is the easiest area to fall short… Nutritious breakfast, filling lunch, 4 pm high protein yoghurt, pre-dinner chocolate bar, a bag of crisps and cupcake… Whoops! We all know that feeling!

But seriously, I quite often have people say to me that once they start eating well, other positive behaviours – like their exercise and sleeping routines – also fall into place.

I like to think that our food habits pave the way and set the tone for a positive outlook on everything. And once we start feeling more positive, we’re filled with more energy and a desire to be productive and make the most of the opportunities in front of us. Food really does equal happiness!

But of course, all the above is easier said than done. Luckily, we can make it just that little bit easier for you by essentially writing that food plan for you. So if you are struggling with your diet, check out how our healthy meal prep delivery can help you. To get you started, we’re offering 30% off your first order through lockdown with the promo code, EATATHOME.

Healthy mind, healthy living


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