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Will Lee: My 12 Week Transformation

So this is me a few months back….I have never done any sort of diet before. I have always played sport and been in relatively good shape. I pretty much eat what I want. Sometimes I get a little chub and sometimes I’m pretty thin and I’m happy with either it all depends how much exercise I’m doing at the time.

  Since becoming a personal trainer and starting Fitchef It has amazed me how many people think you have to starve yourself or eat boring “diet food” to stay in shape.


Having never really been on a diet. I couldn’t 100% say to anyone as a fact that you really can eat what you want and get results so I decided to put it to the test.


Now I may have taken it a little far but the further I got into the 12 week program the more I wanted to prove that you can get results, even extreme results if you set your mind to it.


Many people will look at this and say “steroids”, “fast metabolism”, “good genes”, “I could get like that if I ate no carbs” and any number of other things and a few of these may be true, bar the steroids as I faint when I see needles!! 


The truth is I ate 4 decent sized Fitchef meals a day and trained hard 6 days a week. This isn’t a sales pitch! I used Fitchef meals because I have based Fitchef around what I love to eat so it was a no brainer. Eating 4 meals was tough at first as I was used to eating only 3 the difference being I was so full from eating the extra meal that I stopped eating crap in between.


I was losing weight and as soon as I stopped losing weight I upped my cardio but never brought down my food. Until further into the 12 weeks.


I made sure I was upping the weights in the gym each and every session and that really is it!


I did all of this under the watchful eye of my online PT @JGPT


Was it easy, it was not! It took hard work and dedication but safe to say I got the results I wanted. I had protein, carbs and fats in every meal, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full.


The beauty of it is this was about 9 months ago and I’m 2 or 3 % body fat more than I was when I finished. This is because there was no restriction- ish! So I didn’t start stuffing my face when I finished as most people do when they come off a diet I pretty much ate the same and reduced my cardio. 


 I can not stress enough that if you cut out the things you love like in any “DIET” when you start eating them again you will put the weight back on and more! IF you’re going to cut something out make it for life!

  For everything else eat in moderation, eat the things you love and exercise around what you eat.

I decided to get these photos done as it gave me the drive to complete the 12 weeks when I really couldn’t be bothered! I also wanted to have something to look back on when im old and have saggy man breasts. Thanks @eddiewhiteheadphotography you did a great job!


Am I recommending anyone goes to this extreme, certainly not this is purely an example of what can be achieved if you set a goal, have a plan and go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you you have to avoid carbs, not have any breakfast, go on a juice cleanse, not eat fats, do endless running on the treadmill as it’s not true!!

 Eat what you want – don’t be silly!

 Do exercise you enjoy… Simples!


If you want to be in good shape all year round rather than a couple of months then consistency is key! Make small manageable changes to your life that you can keep up. Don’t try and do everything at once, just breath and think about your goal and what will help you get there, prioritise things that you struggle with and ask for help.


What are your  2020goals? How are you going to achieve them? Please get in touch If we can help we will!

Happy 2020, Will

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