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– High Fat – low carb – moderate protein.
So by restricting carbs your body will eventually reach a state of ketosis – a metabolic state where by it burns fat for energy – Ketosis can only occur when carbs are kept very low (30-40g)per day.
Is this good for you- NO!!! your brain needs sugar- carbs are needed for glucose to enter the bloodstream- If there is no Glucose your Cognitive function takes a massive hit, this will effect your work, social life and gym sessions. You will feel very Sluggish, weak, irritable, constipated I could go on!!
All sounds very nice doesn’t it!! Don’t get me wrong there are benefits to going Keto-
– It strips body fat
– Uses body fat for fuel
– Reduces inflammation
– Regulates metabolism
– In short you can loose a lot of weight FAST
But is it maintainable??absolutely not – unless you are looking to go Keto for the rest of your life(which I certainly wouldn’t recommend- DO NOT START! After gaining quick results you will most likely end up plateauing and feel worse.
Instead eat foods that spoil, aim for at least 10,000 steps per day, get to the gym, walk your dog and the rest will fall in to place.
FAD DIET NO 2 coming soon!!